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KPN Mobile

You no longer have to go to the store to buy a KPN Mobile credit voucher  This can be done very easily online. Buy your KPN Mobile credit voucher safe and quickly at With this KPN Mobile credit you can top up your mobile phone credit. 100% safe and fast. The code will be shown on your screen and delivered via email immediately after payment. Now you can continu calling and using data. 

KPN 10

KPN 10

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It is now very straightforward to top up your KPN Mobile calling credit online. KPN is of course the largest and most secure telecom provider in our country. It is also said that KPN is the most advanced supplier of telecommunications services. In addition to mobile telephony, KPN offers services such as fixed telephony, television and internet. KPN stands for the highest quality at a fair price. You can effortless top up your KPN calling credit online. Choose, select and ready at

Top up KPN mobile phone credit

Ordering KPN mobile credit or buying internet credit is very convenient at Supercardsonline. Select the product of your choice, enter your email address and pay. After payment you will immediately see your code on your screen and you can safely and quickly top up KPN online. You will also receive the code including the top-up instruction in the email we send you. Topping up your KPN mobile credit works as follows:
Dial 1244, press 9 and follow the spoken instructions. You can also easily top up your KPN prepaid while you are abroad.
To do this, call *100*1244# and then follow the spoken instructions.

How long is my KPN mobile credit valid?

As long as you make sure that you call a paid number or top up once every 180 days, your calling credit is valid indefinitely.

Checking your KPN mobile credit balance

Topping up KPN mobile credit and requesting your balance is easy. To request the balance of your current credit, follow the instructions below:
Call 1244 and follow all instructions. You will then hear how much credit you have left and until when you can use it.
Or enter *101# on your mobile phone and press the call key.
Your balance will then appear on the screen of your phone.
Do you have (almost) no credit left? You can top up your KPN calling credit quickly and easily on our website.


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