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Lyca Mobile

You no longer have to go to the store to buy a Lyca mobile credit voucher  This can be done very easily online. Buy your Lyca mobile credit voucher safe and quickly at With this Lyca mobile credit you can top up your mobile phone credit. 100% safe and fast. The code will be shown on your screen and delivered via email immediately after payment. Now you can continu calling and using data. 

Lyca Mobile 5

Lyca Mobile 5

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Lebara calling credit can be purchased in many places and ways. Of course you can step on your bike and go to the supermarket to buy your credit. But it is much easier to buy it online via

Lycamobil is a British mobile virtual network operator operating in 60 countries. Via our website you follow a simple ordering process and you pay via one of the reliable payment methods in our webshop. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will see your top-up code directly on your screen. Besides that you will also receive the code by e-mail at the e-mail address you provided.

How long is your Lyca calling credit valid?

Lycamobile call credit must be used once every 6 months (calling, texting, etc.) otherwise it will be frozen. When the calling credit is frozen, you have to buy and top up Lyca calling credit within 3 months to get the frozen Lyca calling credit free again. If no top-up is made within those 3 months, the Lycamobile SIM card, including call credit, will be blocked.

Can I top up my Lyca calling credit from abroad?

Yes, that's possible. You call  +31684001244 and follow the spoken instructions. You enter the top-up code that you received via You close with a # and your calling credit has been topped up.

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