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You no longer have to go to the store to buy a Neosurf card. This can be done very easily online. Buy your Neosurf payment card easily and quickly at 100% safe and fast. The code will be delivered via email immediately after payment.

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The Neosurf voucher from is a simple, secure, anonymous way of paying on the internet, without having to use a bank account or credit card. Neosurf is ideal if you do not wish to provide any personal information during the check-out process.

Below are some questions you may have about using Neosurf:

How does Neosurf work online?

You can use your Neosurf code online as a means of payment for various online games, prepaid credit cards and other services. With a Neosurf ticket you keep your payment details anonymous. You can buy a Neosurf ticket of €10, €15, €30, €50 or €100 via where you can use the code directly as a payment method at one of the +20,000 websites that accept Neosurf as a payment method.


How do you buy a Neosurf ticket online?

On you can buy a Neosurf Card for €10, €15, €30, €50 or €100. Select the Neosurf code of the correct amount, enter your email address and select your desired payment method. In 30 seconds you will receive the Neosurf code by e-mail.


Can I buy a Neosurf ticket with iDeal?

You can buy all prepaid credit cards on with iDeal. Including Neosurf tickets. All you have to do is decide which card you want. And then choose iDeal as payment method during checkout. Within seconds after a successful payment you will receive the 16-digit Neosurf code by email.


What can I use my Neosurf code for?

Neosurf is an online payment method that can be used for gaming, charging prepaid credit cards or other partners of Neosurf. You can use your Neosurf code on more than 20,000 websites! On the website of Neosurf you can find more information about the partners of Neosurf where you can pay with your Neosurf card.


How do I pay with a Neosurf code?

After you have received the Neosurf code from in the form of a code by e-mail, you can use it immediately. It is not necessary to activate the code. Paying with a Neosurf Prepaid Card is very simple: select Neosurf as your payment method on a partner website, enter the 10-digit code and the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the total value of your Neosurf code.


How can I see the balance of my Neosurf credit?

You can see the balance of your Neosurf credit on the Neosurf website.


Where can I buy Neosurf online?

You can buy a Neosurf code quickly and easily on Choose the correct Neosurf code, enter your email address and select your preferred payment method. In 30 seconds you will receive your Neosurf code by email.


How long is my Neosurf ticket valid for?

You can use your Neosurf ticket for a year without any problems. One year after purchase, the card is invalid, but 6 months after the last use, 2 euros inactivity costs per month will be deducted from your Neosurf credit. So make sure you use your Neosurf ticket on time if there is still credit on it.


Can I use my Neosurf code multiple times?

Yes, a Neosurf code can be used more than once, until there is no credit left on the code. It is possible to transfer the remaining credit of your Neosurf code to another Neosurf code.


I have been asked to buy a Neosurf code here. Is that normal?

Have you been called by a supplier? Got an unexpected verification email? Have you ordered or sold something online? If you're here because someone you don't know has asked you to buy this code, we encourage you to be vigilant. Online fraudsters often pose as individuals or trusted organizations. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if they get their hands on your code.

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